SafeNet Portal

United Technologies (UTC) is pleased to announce the SafeNet Authentication Service is now operational and will be replacing the RSA SecurID system. This new system provides the same two-factor (PIN + tokencode) authentication as the old system, but introduces MobilePASS software tokens that are provisioned via email to users with smart phones.

There are several benefits of using a software token (MobilePASS) vs. a hardware token (eToken):

  • As the MobilePASS software token is installed on your smart phone, you are less likely to lose the token (a common issue with hardware tokens)
  • Unlike hardware tokens, MobilePASS software tokens never expire, so there is no need for periodic replacements. You only need a new token if you change your smart phone.
  • As MobilePASS software tokens have no batteries or electronics components, it is a more ‘Green’ solution, and reduces waste for UTC.